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Archive for July, 2012


We Need A Bigger Boat

Or just more books.

Here’s a confession. When I said, “Hey, I’m going to give away a couple copies of CITY OF THE LOST,” I was pretty sure I’d get one, maybe two of you to poke your heads in and say, “That sounds vaguely interesting. I suppose if they’re, you know, free and all I could maybe go for that.”

I figured there’d be two of you. Three tops. Maybe. If I was lucky.

Instead I got forty-two.

Forty-two of the most dead sexy people on this or any other planet.

On the one hand, wow. Thanks for the interest.

On the other hand, crap. Because I really wish I had 42 copies to send to each of you who signed up. I really do. But I don’t. Sorry.

Plus I’m broke and shipping ain’t cheap.

I do have a couple extra copies, though, so in a desperate effort to assuage my guilt I’ve expanded the giveaway from two copies to four.

And through the magic of the random number generator, the winners are… *drumroll*… *more drumroll*… *let’s just keep this drumroll going a bit longer, shall we?**… *maybe add some cowbell*


I’ll be hitting the winners up through Twitter or their email in the next day or so and get these books out.

For those who won, I hope you enjoy.

Thank you everyone for entering. You are all amazing, wonderful, sexy people.

Even that one guy who sent me pictures of him wearing the goat’s head cod-piece and nothing else. No, it doesn’t make your butt look fat.


You Know What You Need? Free Books.

I don’t know about you people, but last week kicked my ass.

I was down at Comic-Con on the zombie apocalypse panel with a slew of fantastic writers. John Hornor Jacobs, Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire, Diana Rowland, Dana Fredsti, Max Brooks, Jeyn Roberts, Susan Dennard, and Michael Spradlin.

And holy fuck were there a lot of people.






That’s the room from one end to the other as folks were coming in. By the time we were good to go it was standing room only.

So, yeah, I’m a little beat. And I am so not ready to deal with a Monday.

I’m willing to bet you aren’t either.

So, to hopefully make somebody’s Monday a little brighter, I’ve got two copies of my novel CITY OF THE LOST to give away.

Here’s how it’s going to work. The giveaway is going to run until this Friday, July 20th. Leave a comment here, ping me on Twitter, or shout at me on the street. Whatever works for you.

Then, next Saturday, I’ll randomly grab names from a hat, announce the winners and send them out.

They’ll be signed and everything.

This is only open to North America since I’m broke and can’t afford the postage.

Sorry all you people in Belgium. Know that I love you, anyway.


San Diego Comic-Con: Blackmoore Comin’, Yo!

Going to SDCC this year? Gonna be there Thursday? Wanna see me talking about zombies?

No? Really? Okay. That’s… honest.

Well, would you like to see a panel of authors moderated by the inimitable John Hornor Jacobs (THIS DARK EARTH) and featuring Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire (BLACKOUT), Diana Rowland (EVEN WHITE TRASH ZOMBIES GET THE BLUES), Dana Fredsti (PLAGUE TOWN), Jeyn Roberts (DARK INSIDE), Michael Spradlin (BLOOD RIDERS), Susan Dennard (SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY), Max Brooks (WORLD WAR Z) AND me talking about zombies?

Yeah, I know, I’m not the draw here. I get it. Moving on.

If you want to see all that talent (and me) at SDCC then head on over to the panel Not With A Bang, With A Bite where we’ll be talking about zombie apocalyp…ses? Apocalyptii? Apocalyptixisises?

I’ve never been clear on the plural of that.

Not with a Bang, with a Bite
Great prophets, religious scriptures, and scientific evidence points to an apocalypse in 2012…but these authors envision the end of the world in the form of a zombie pandemic. With their decaying, disintegrating, and sometimes flesh-eating tendencies, zombies have lurched their way into science fiction and fantasy novels and are here to stay. Doomsday takes on a whole new meaning when losing limbs and lumbering across the earth are involved. Learn how to survive everything from zombie invasions to viral zombie infections.

We’ll be in room 6A on Thursday at 1:15 and afterward we’ll be having a group signing in the Sails Pavilion at 2:30.

I’ll be the guy sitting there surrounded by fabulous authors who have massive lines of fans for their books. Come on by and we can stare awkwardly over each other’s shoulders as I silently plead with you to pick up a copy of CITY OF THE LOST and grant me a momentary sense of self worth.

I’ll be floating around the con all day Thursday and I’ll be there Friday afternoon.

If you’re just dying to meet me (unless I owe you money, slept with your girlfriend some time in the 90’s and you just haven’t gotten over it, or are a six-and-a-half-foot tall Samoan, pre-op transvestite named Big Wahine) you can always ping me on Twitter at @sblackmoore.

Be forewarned, if we actually meet you only have yourself to blame.


Noir At The Bar L.A. Presents: The Ladies Of Noir

It’s Ladies Night at Noir At The Bar L.A., folks! And we got five of the best noir writers to ever grace a page.

Megan Abbott: Author of QUEENPIN, THE SONG IS YOU, THE END OF EVERYTHING, and her latest DARE ME.

Denise Hamilton: Author of DAMAGE CONTROL, THE LAST EMBRACE, editor of the Akashic Los Angeles Noir anthologies.

Christa Faust: Author of MONEY SHOT, CHOKE HOLD and the hard-core, hard-boiled, lesbian private eye Butch Fatale in DOUBLE D DOUBLE CROSS.


Jeri Westerson: Author of the Crispin Guest medieval noir series with TROUBLED BONES, BLOOD LANCE, SHADOW OF THE ALCHEMIST.

Five of the most brilliant, talented, amazing authors have agreed to hang out at our little dive spot watering hole.

When: Sunday, August 5th 8:00PM – 10:00PM We give you an hour to get some booze and your asses in the seats and then we start the readings at 9:00. We’ll have an intermission partway through so you can do a couple rails off the bathroom sink, flirt with the bartender or get a hummer in the alley. Maybe all three if you’re fast.

Where: The Mandrake Bar – 2692 S La Cienega Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90034 between Venice and Washington Boulevards. East side of the street. Little white boxy place with a white neon martini glass glowing over the door.

Why: Because we fucking well can, that’s why.

People, we’ve had good times before. We’ve had amazing readers. But this is the best goddamn line-up of authors we have ever had. Each one of them is a huge talent and to have them all in one place at the same time is nothing short of goddamn legendary. If you miss this one I will mock you ceaselessly for missing it.

And bring money. ┬áThe drinks are cheap, sure, but Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach will be on hand to sell these ladies’ novels to you. And after hearing them read you are gonna want to snap ’em up.

So make sure you’re there, people. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.