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Want Some DEAD THINGS? I Got Ya Covered

My next book DEAD THINGS comes out February 5th. Two looong months from now.

But you can read it early.

See, I got these ARCs. You know, advanced reader copies. Two of ’em. Sittin’ right here on the Group W bench.

Ya want one?

As in the past there’s two things you gotta do. 1) Follow me on Twitter. My handle’s @sblackmoore. 2) Tell me you want in, either on Twitter or here in the comments. Either’s fine.

I’m running this contest from now until next Friday, the 14th. I’ll pick two people and those two folks will get an ARC of DEAD THINGS.

And as in the past, some caveats. Overseas shipping is an ass-kicker. So, this is gonna be U.S. and Canada only. Sorry, but I’m broke.

If you don’t win and you still want a copy, don’t worry. I have it on good authority that Penguin’s gonna do a Goodreads giveaway some time next month and I’ll let y’all know about it when it happens. In fact you probably won’t be able to shut me up.

So if you want in, let me know.  You got two weeks.

  • Hey I’d like in on this….. absolutely loved City of the Lost and want more…. I follow you …. @g15hade on twitter….


    December 3, 2012

  • I do follow on Twitter and would love to be entered in to such a great giveaway!


    December 3, 2012

  • @adventure_chick on Twitter


    December 3, 2012

  • Hmm, sounds like my sorta thing. I do follow you on twitter. @sfmanning

    Doc RedBat

    December 3, 2012

  • *Kermit arm flailing* I could win an ARC? YAY!!!


    December 3, 2012

  • I want in. ARC’s are neat.


    December 3, 2012

  • I want in! I need something new to review.


    December 3, 2012

  • Count me in please! @arrhyth_mia


    December 3, 2012

  • Please to do the winning!

    Translation: I want in. (Also, I’m totally okay with questionable stains. ::innocent look::)


    December 3, 2012

  • After my abysmal failure with powerball this last week I would love a pick me up with a new book. Can I get my filthy hands on a copy? 😀


    December 3, 2012

  • my twitter is @huntermurphy101 I would like to enter


    December 4, 2012

  • I want in! This is the acne cure-all, right? (If it’s not, I will still give my OPINIONS)

    Eric Chase

    December 4, 2012

  • I’m totally in. Readsalot81 on Twitter :)


    December 4, 2012

  • I follow you on twitter even if Wendig does love you more. Oh, and I want IN!!! whatever that means.

    Wait, there are no bees involved are there?

    Jeremy Foshee

    December 4, 2012

  • Pick me! Oh, pick me!

    Laurie K.

    December 5, 2012

  • I follow you on twitter dduffield75

    Danielle D

    December 5, 2012

  • […] Stephen Blackmoore, author of City of the Lost, is giving away ARCs of his upcoming novel DEAD THINGS, so go get ‘em! […]

  • On Twitter @Jed_Thomas

    Count me in!

    Jed Thomas

    December 13, 2012

  • I want Dead Things! I love the Dead!


    December 14, 2012

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